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Screen Test.
Somewhere posting a non-iPhone image for the first time in over a year to introduce you to my sister, Sameerah L. Harris, a total badass actor who was recently awarded The Gold Medal for Best Actor in the 2014 Manhattan Short Film Festival, carrying the film “The Bravest, The Boldest” (Directed by Moon Molson) to a Bronze Medal. See, total badass.

In the film, she plays Sayeeda Porter, a young mother in a Harlem housing project who realizes that the arrival of two uniformed soldiers brings news she can’t bring herself to accept.

We made this portrait in my home studio in August, days before she made her way out west to continue pursuing her dreams.

Much respect, sis. | #family

Great photography! Wonderful blog; I really enjoyed with your pictures! Ivan
I answered:

Greatly appreciated, Ivan! I will be certain to spend some time with your work as well.

Somewhere seeking soft tones in harsh conditions | May 2014

Also, big thanks to the @bnwhisperers, @bnw_sniper and @silhouette_creative moderators for the recent features, and to their communities for the awesome feedback! 👊🙏 (at Bushwick Open Studio Art Festival)

First Impressions.
Somewhere at Photoville admiring the lenswork of Adam Pańczuk and the lightwork of the mid-day sun | September 2014 (at Photoville 2014)

Villiage People.
Somewhere reflecting on a great day with a massive group of explorative minds like @nois7, @_pleione, @jnsilva, @stevesweatpants, @newyorkcityvibe, @sezgiolgac, @iamtomchang, @mdpny @_yamil_ at yesterday’s #nois7nymeet. (at Photoville)

Valley Girl.
Somewhere exploring parts unknown with no reservations after watching way too much Anthony Bourdain | August 2014