The Mobile Photography of
Kamau Z. Akabueze [KzA].

Father, Idea Guy and Image Maker - Blending Light, Location and Life One Frame at a Time... Mostly with my iPhone.

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We Could Have Gone Higher.
Somewhere taking deep breaths of the fall air as we stroll towards my favorite season | July 2014

Center Stage.
Somewhere in the middle of a road trip thinking very seriously about making it a much longer road trip | August 2014

Ağaç en Mobil.
Somewhere reflecting on my time with the tree that changed perspective on the world. This is the mobile edition that I captured during my time with Ağaç at the end of an uplifting and enriching day driving purposefully mapless around the Cappadocia region. Ağaç and I spent 2+ hours together atop a mountain in the Kayseri Province. No other vehicles, people or distractions. Just me, Ağaç, a majestic sunset, and a series of epiphanies about life, love, luck and latitude that will stay with me forever | #WHPbwlandscapes #KzAsTree

Balance of Power.
Somewhere with a hope that the impoverishment, injustices and imbalance that we are seeing impact so many lives right now at home and abroad, creates a serious and continued shift in civility, compassion for humanity and basic decency. To be less ambiguous, we shouldn’t have to watch a video of a man viciously knock a woman unconscious and dispassionately drag and kick her, to know that this type of depraved behavior is happening and being ignored with the same amount of flagrance in homes and cars and elevators and villages all over the world every day.

@Instagram has been promoting the #CommunityFirst hashtag and notion in recent months, giving back to the community that has made it such a powerful tool for creative expression and global interconnectivity. I am of the hope that this Community First notion is one that encourages us beyond that, to look at the challenges, ills, needy, abused, underrepresented in our communities and begin and/or continue to make forceful and immediate change where we can, and where we think we can’t. Just because it happens behind closed doors does not mean it is not happening. | Photo: August 14 | Disgust: Right Now

The Governor.
Somewhere on Governers Island for the first time thanks to @cavasottiphoto and @newyorkcom. I didn’t get a chance to meetup with the crew, but my solo adventure made me want to spend a lot more time there. Also, if you haven’t heard about the free Governors Island Art Fair (weekends through September) now you have, and you should absolutely spend dedicate an afternoon to it. The exhibits are really special and well worth the trip | September 2014

Somewhere on Governors Island exploring the quiet curves with open minds | September, 2014

Perpendicular Presence.
Somewhere finding it much easier these days to know which lines to cross and which lines to walk (p.s., crossing them is a lot more fun) | August 2014

It Comes From Within.
Somewhere knowing that the answers are not off in the distance, and that the objects that seem unreachable may be much closer than they appear | August 2014

Site Seeing.
Somewhere hanging out at one of @littlecoal’s favorite places in NW Ohio, taking in the scene. We missed him, but loved walking in his footsteps | August 2014

The Light and The Moment.
Somewhere grateful to the team over at, and especially @kate.wesson and Emil (@iphoneps), for taking an interest in my iPhone photography and giving me a forum to talk about the things that matter most when I am exploring. The response to the interview has been encouraging and wonderful (link in my profile), and I am deeply appreciative of the many new connections that have come from it as well. Check out the interview and explore the @iPhonepsios site for much more insightful and informative news, tips and content | August 27, 2014

Somewhere facing conflicts, strife and tension to the east and to the west, and wondering if we will ever find our center | August 2014