The Mobile Photography of
Kamau Z. Akabueze [KzA].

Father, Idea Guy and Image Maker - Blending Light, Location and Life One Frame at a Time... Mostly with my iPhone.

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Somewhere wishing his school year didn’t start so dang early, and all kinds of proud of this bright young second grader of mine | August 11, 2014

Cross Country.
Somewhere about to run a marathon of adventures using the light available to me in all matters | August 11, 2014

And Then The City Was Hers.
Somewhere standing in a place that I know better than ever before | August 4, 2014

Summer Mornings.
Somewhere enjoying them like crazy | August 2, 2014

Metro North.
Somewhere wondering if I could zip line from the top of breakneck ridge onto the top of the train like in one of those action-adventure espionage flicks, but then thinking that the velocity of travel on that zip line would likely result in the breaking of every limb in my body on impact and not being able to enjoy the fact that I actually landed on the train (because every limb in my body would be broken and that would hurt a lot and be somewhat distracting), so I just kept hiking | July 27, 2014

Somewhere well above the Hudson, knowing that halfway is never high enough | July 27, 2014

Somewhere remembering all of the toys of my youth as I clean up all of the toys of his | July 18, 2014

Celebrate Everything.
Somewhere in the park enjoying the sound waves and silhouettes | July 18, 2014 (at Celebrate Brooklyn at the Prospect Park Bandshell)

Somewhere grateful to the editors and publishers at Union Station Magazine ( for featuring my work in the latest issue #10 (link in my profile), now live on the site. I am honored to be in the company of the fantastic writers and artists they so deftly curate | July 8, 2014